Soy and sunflower lecithin for food industries


Linfa produces and distributes high quality soy and sunflower lecithin for food applications, from NON-GMO origin and organic certified, if required. We also have been dealing with the marketing of additives and ingredients for the food and non-food, dietary, cosmetic, feed, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Soy lecithins (extracted from soybean oil) and sunflower lecithins (obtained form the oil extracted from sunflower seeds) are natural products widely used in many different food applications (as dietary supplements and emulsifying additives), but also in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, feed and chemical industries.
Lecithins are natural compounds rich in phospholipids, property that confers to lecithins the emulsifying capability: mixing substances that normally cannot be mixed together (i.e. water and fats / oils). These properties allow lecithins to be used in many and diversified food applications (with the E number: E322): as humectants (rapid dissolution in liquids), as viscosity and anti-crystallizers agents (in chocolate), as antistaling in bakery products, and as release agents (easy removal of any baked and fried product from trays, pans, oven dishes, molds).
Linfa has been present in the market for 20 years and is specialized in the production and distribution of soy lecithin and sunflower lecithin, including organic ones, for the food sector and guarantees the supply of high quality fluid and deoiled lecithin both in powder and granules. Every lot is controlled and analysed before marketing, to ensure safety and consistent functionality to our customers.

Marketing of NON-GMO soy and sunflower lecithins for food applications

Being 100% from natural origin, the composition of the lecithins varies according to the origin and quality of the raw material, the extraction method and subsequent processing, therefore it is essential to identify the most suitable for each specific application.
Lecithins are used for the industrial production of foods such as:

• Bakery products (bread, cakes, biscuits, dough improvers, wafers and ice cream cones, pretzel). Lecithins improve softness of the dough without adding fat, guarantee better homogeneity in the distribution of ingredients and easier processing, more uniform baking, fat reduction, longer shelf-life.

• Chocolate. Less use of cocoa butter, better degree of viscosity and workability, slowdown of the re-crystallization of sugars and reduction of bloomings, greater homogeneity of surfaces, reduction of mixing times

• Margarine. Better softness and spreadability, less oxidation and longer life, cooking more uniform and spattering reductions.

• Instant food and baby formulas (water-soluble powders of milk, cocoa, coffee, etc.). Easy dispersion and homogeneous dissolution in liquids

• Frozen products. The liposomes obtained with the lecithins act as anti-crystallizers and exclude the formation of ice in frozen products, ensuring better freezing

• Vegetarian, vegan and organic foods. Soy lecithin is 100% natural and vegetable
Soy and sunflower lecithin for food industries
Please contact us for more information on soya and sunflower lecithins and their use in food applications. You will find a partner able to offer you a proactive approach and guarantee you the best solutions according to your specific application and reference market.

Contacting Linfa srl for the supply of soya and sunflower lecithins for food applications

Linfa Srl is a dynamic Italian company that deals with the production and distribution of ingredients and additives for the food and non food applications, feed, pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, cosmetic, technical and chemical industries throughout Europe.
Born in 2002 from the initiative of managers with many years of experience in leading multinationals in the additive sector, Linfa has consolidated several collaborations with selected suppliers. With continuous attention to market news, we offer a wide and diversified range of products such as lecithins and other stabilisers, gums and functional ingredients.

We guarantee to our customers a complete service, efficiency and knowledge, from sourcing to delivery. We ensure targeted technical and commercial support with customised solutions based on the needs of each specific industrial reality.
We ensure the highest level of quality control from raw materials to finished products, in order to supply ingredients and products able to satisfy all the users and deliver the requested safety and functionality.

By working exclusively with suppliers who use sustainable and ethical practices to conduct their business, we have always been committed to avoiding any negative environmental and social impacts of our supply chain.
Linfa Srl is Kosher - Halal accredited and organic certified (please visit certification page for more details)

How to contact Linfa srl to receive information about food applications of our soy and sunflower lecithins

Please contact us by email or by telephone at the number +39 02 5394779.
Our offices are open Monday to Friday 09.00-13.00 / 14.00-17.30 and they are based in Milano, Viale Brenta 6.
We are active throughout Italy and Europe.
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