Lecithins and Functional Ingredients


Production and marketing of lecithins and food additives for industries. Satisfying the needs of companies in different food and non food applications, Linfa offers targeted solutions and services, guaranteeing consistent technical support.

Linfa is a dynamic Italian company that produces and distributes natural additives and functional ingredients to European food and non-food industries. Typical applications of our lecithins are in food, dietary, feed and aquaculture, pharmaceutical, chemical, technical-industrial, cosmetic and nutraceutical applications. Furthermore, Linfa is a partner of Herbstreith & Fox, the world leader in pectins, and of HERBAFOOD, an internationally known producer of high quality natural vegetable extracts used as food ingredients: apple and citrus fibers.
Linfa Lecithins and Functional Ingredients
Founded in 2002 by managers with many years of experience in leading multinationals in the food additives sector, thanks to consolidated collaborations with selected suppliers and continuous attention to the novelties proposed by the market, Linfa offers a wide and diversified range of products such as lecithins, pectins, fibers, stabilisers and functional ingredients.

Before being distributed, all ingredients and additives are subjected to rigorous laboratory analyses to ensure the customer full compliance with the required quality standards.
Additionally, all of our lecithins for food applications are produced from non genetically modified soybeans.

Linfa Srl is Kosher - Halal accredited, IFS and Organic certified.

With efficiency, competence and speed, the company guarantees customers a complete service, from procurement to distribution of the finished packaged product, ensuring targeted technical advice and customised solutions for each specific industrial sector at every stage.

Linfa is ...

Quality, speed, safety, efficiency and a guarantee of reliability.

Specialists in soy and sunflower lecithins

Consisting of three main phospholipids: phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylthidylinositol, lecithin is the most industrially used natural emulsifier to mix substances that normally cannot be mixed together (emulsification).

In addition, its surface-active (solubility in liquids), stabilizing, anti-crystallizing, anti-staling properties (anti-aging functionaliyty in bakery products) and releasing (from baking / processing surfaces, but also in separation between slices of finished products) allow lecithin to be applied in many and diversified production processes in the food and organic food but also in non food applications (feed, calf milk replacers, aquaculture, fertilisers, biological decontamination, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, health, etc.).


For the past 20 years, we have been a point of reference for companies looking for high quality food additives and functional ingredients


Our company is Kosher - Halal accredited and Organic certified. All our food lecithins originate from NON GMO soybeans


The many years of technical expertise allow us to offer a proactive approach for each specific application


We guarantee customised solutions in the development, use and delivery of high quality food ingredients
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