Product Quality Certifications


Linfa is constantly committed to ensuring safe food additives and functional ingredients with high added value, constantly conforming to the quality parameters, internationally recognized by the best certification bodies.

ORGANIC certification

Linfa's food lecithins are all originated from non-genetically modified (NON-GMO) soybeans and some of them are certified NON-GMO from external independent bodies.
Linfa - ORGANIC certification
The ORGANIC certification is a document that guarantees compliance with strict requirements to avoid or reduce "contamination" by humans on the environment, promoting a sustainable economy.
This certificate guarantees the conformity of the productions obtained with the organic method in all stages of the production chain up to the marketing of the product, in accordance with the stringent standards set by the European Union.

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Halal certification

The HQS (Halal Quality System) is the certification system of the Halal International Authority (HIA) and recognized by Islamic authorities around the world.
Linfa - Halal certification
The Halal certification, consistent with the international Sharia standards, certifies that the products of the agri-food chain, from production process to packaging, comply with the ethical and hygienic-sanitary standards provided for by the law and doctrine of Islam, therefore marketable in all Islamic countries.
Accredited by Halal, Linfa Srl demonstrates that the procurement phases of raw materials, the consequent transformation processes, storage and transport until the final destination is reached, respect the required rules.

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Kosher certification

Obtaining the Kosher certificate means guaranteeing products that comply with the stringent Jewish dietary standards, as established in the Torah.
Linfa - Kosher certification
For a product to be certified kosher, it must fully satisfy strict quality parameters on the raw material, production processes, storage and packaging.

The strict obtaining procedure protects the final consumer, guaranteeing him an internationally recognized quality mark.

Regardless of one's religious faith, a KOSHER certified product is always a guarantee of quality and "purity".

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IFS certification

Obtaining the International Food Standard certificate means guaranteeing products that comply with stringent food standards.
Linfa - certification IFS
In line with its traditions of quality and food safety, Linfa has certified its activities according to IFS standards, internationally recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

These standards are focused on the quality and food safety of the entire supply chain behind the product, until its delivery to the user and allow for continuous improvement of its own performance.

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