Citrus and apple fibers


Linfa is a distribution partner of HERBAFOOD, a competent supplier of high quality citrus and apple fibers and multifunctional food ingredients of plant origin.

Herbafood, a company of the Herbstreith & Fox group, is dealing with high-quality fibers from different fruit sources, with unrivaled water binding propertis.
Herbacel AQ Plus Citrus (lemon and lime) and Herbacel AQ Plus Apple (apples) are extracted with an innovative purification process that removes non-fibrous components, greatly limiting damage to cell wall structures.
The result is a product with a neutral flavor and texture, with a high nutritional value, perfect for use in food applications where the use of fruit fibers was previously impossible, due to their often unpleasant organoleptic characteristics.

Applications of citrus and apple fibers

The high fiber content (about 90%), the excellent ability to bind and hold a quantity of water up to 20 times its own weight in a stable way, the ease of dispersion even in cold media and the resistance to thermal and mechanical stress (even at acid pH) are the peculiarities of Herbacel AQ Plus Citrus and Herbacel AQ Plus Apple.
It is therefore easy to imagine the interesting applications in industrially produced foods, where phase separation problems are often encountered, such as in fruit-based drinks, or syneresis, typical in fruit semi-finished products.

Due to the partial integrity of the original cellular structures, the texture obtained with these fibers is very close to traditional home preparations, making the products very pleasant to the taste and enhancing the typical fruit sensations upon tasting.

This feature makes AQ Plus Citrus and AQ Plus Apple particularly suitable for the production of fruit preparations / milk-based preparations for bakery and other applications (yoghurt, cheese, ice cream) and fillings / toppings wherethe addition in doughs, for instance, improve the freshness of the product for a longer time.

In tomato sauces, the use of fibers gives the finished product a structure very similar to that of concentrated homemade paste, which can only be obtained with prolonged cooking.

Finally, the excellent organoleptic qualities and the high water retention capacities allow the citrus and apple fibers to be the ideal ingredient to stabilize the residual water in meat processing, making the product more succulent, or as a substitute for fat in sauces and ice creams.
Citrus and apple fibers

Contacting Linfa srl for the supply of fruit fibers

Linfa Srl is a dynamic Italian company that deals with the production and distribution of ingredients and additives for the food and non food applications, feed, pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, cosmetic, technical and chemical industries throughout Europe.
Born in 2002 from the initiative of managers with many years of experience in leading multinationals in the additive sector, Linfa has consolidated several collaborations with selected suppliers. With continuous attention to market news, we offer a wide and diversified range of products such as fibers, lecithins and other stabilisers, gums and functional ingredients.

We guarantee to our customers a complete service, efficiency and knowledge, from sourcing to delivery. We ensure targeted technical and commercial support with customised solutions based on the needs of each specific industrial reality.
We ensure the highest level of quality control from raw materials to finished products, in order to supply ingredients and products able to satisfy all the users and deliver the requested safety and functionality.

By working exclusively with suppliers who use sustainable and ethical practices to conduct their business, we have always been committed to avoiding any negative environmental and social impacts of our supply chain.
Linfa Srl is Kosher - Halal accredited and organic certified (please visit certification page for more details)

How to contact Linfa srl to receive information about fruit fibers and their applications

Please contact us by email or by telephone at the number +39 02 5394779.
Our offices are open Monday to Friday 09.00-13.00 / 14.00-17.30 and they are based in Milano, Viale Brenta 6.
These fibers can be marketed only in Italy.
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