Distribution of pectins and fibers


Linfa is distributing, exclusively in the Italian market, the pectins and fibers produced by H&F and Herbafood, world leader in this activity. Linfa can help you in identifying the most suitable ingredient and process for your specific business needs and guarantee the exclusive supply of high quality food pectins.

H&F pectins are natural substances extracted from citrus fruits or apples, Due to their gelling, thickening and stabilizing properties, they are largely used in the food industry (with E number E440) for the production of: jams, fruit preparations for yogurt, fruit fillings and toppings for baked goods, jelly candies, fruit based custards, spoon desserts and fruit drinks or fermented milk.
Herbafood fibers are extracted from lemon, lime and apple. They have good organoleptic qualities and unrivaled high emulsion and stabilization capacities. They are ideal for use in the production of fruit preparations and semi-finished milk-based bakery fillings (yogurt, ice cream, cheeses), tomato sauces and meat processing.
Present in the market for almost 20 years, Linfa Srl is specialised in the distribution of pectins and fibers for the food sector and guarantees the supply of safe products with high quality standards.

Distribution of pectins and fibers for the food industry

We offer a vast range of pectins and fibers, satisfying any application’s need and ensuring flexible technical support even in the logistics phase, in which we guarantee fast and on-time deliveries.

The high / low methoxy pectins, Classic or Amidate, are extracted from citrus fruits (Mediterranean area and South America) or apple (Eastern Europe) and certified Halal and Kosher.

Main properties:
• Gelling agents (for jams, marmalades, icings, fruit-based preparations for yoghurt or baked goods, fruit jelly candies)
• Thickeners (for creams and desserts)
• Stabilizers (fermented milk and fruit based drinks)

With Herbafood's AQ Plus Cytrus - Apple line we provide food fibers optimised for your specific needs, guaranteeing products with neutral flavor / nice texture and high nutritional values.

• High fiber content
• Easy dispersion even in cold media
• High resistance to thermal and mechanical stress and acid pH
• Excellent ability to bind water and maintain stable solutions
• Longer shelf life and freshness of baked goods
Distribution of pectins and fibers
Please contact us for more information on pectins and fibers and their potentiality in food applications. We can guarantee a specialised contact person who can offer you a proactive approach for identifying the best solution based on your specific needs.

Contacting Linfa srl for the supply of pectins and fibers for food applications

Linfa Srl is a dynamic Italian company that deals with the production and distribution of ingredients and additives for the food and non food applications, feed, pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, cosmetic, technical and chemical industries throughout Europe.
Born in 2002 from the initiative of managers with many years of experience in leading multinationals in the additive sector, Linfa has consolidated several collaborations with selected suppliers. With continuous attention to market news, we offer a wide and diversified range of products such as lecithins and other stabilisers, pectins, fibers, gums and functional ingredients.

Linfa is a distribution partner of Herbstreith & Fox and Herbafood, world leaders in the production of plant-based food ingredients such as pectins and fibers and ensures the exclusive distribution of products with high quality standards, technologically optimised for their final applications and made in compliance with all regulations.
We guarantee to our customers a complete service, efficiency and knowledge, from sourcing to delivery. We ensure targeted technical and commercial support with customized solutions based on the needs of each specific industrial reality.
We ensure the highest level of quality control from raw materials to finished products, in order to supply ingredients and products able to satisfy all the users and deliver the requested safety and functionality.

By working exclusively with suppliers who use sustainable and ethical practices to conduct their business, we have always been committed to avoiding any negative environmental and social impacts of our supply chain. None of our products is involved in deforestation of rain forest.
Linfa Srl is Kosher - Halal accredited and organic certified (please visit certification page for more details)

How to contact us to receive information about pectins and fibers produced by our business partners H&F and Herbafood

Please contact us by email infotec@linfafood.it or by telephone at the number +39 02 5394779.
Our offices are open Monday to Friday 09.00-13.00 / 14.00-17.30 and they are based in Milano, Viale Brenta 6.
Pectins and fibers can be sold exclusively in Italy.
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