Production and distribution of soy lecithin


Linfa is an Italian company specialised in the production, sale and distribution of soya lecithin offering a flexible and tailor made service to food companies. Present in the market for more than 20 years, Linfa has the expertise you need to identify the most suitable product for each particular application, guaranteeing the supply of top quality food additives.

Soy lecithin is a natural ingredient and a multifunctional food emulsifier used in a large variety of food applications , due to its properties of binding water and oils (emulsification).
Its long production process begins with the crushing of the soybeans to extract the crude oil, then by steam injection and subsequent centrifugation lecithin is separated by the oil (degumming). The lecithin gums are quickly dried (to reduce bacterial proliferation) and cooled. The lecithin obtained from this process is a brown fluid compound. Precipatating phospholipids, powdered and granular lecithins can be obtained. This step is called de-oiling.

Linfa offers a complete supply chain control from raw material procurement, standardization and distribution of the packaged product. We guarantee the customer a targeted and fast technical / commercial support at every stage, identifying the most suitable product for each specific use.
Firmly convinced that the quality and safety of products are the base for a long commercial relation, before being marketed, all the lecithins of our production are subjected to complete chemical analysis in Italian laboratories. Through very close relationships with the extraction plants we can offer products of different origins, European and non-European, from NON-GMO origin and also organic certified, if necessary.

Typical advantages of using soy lecithins in food, pharma and feed and industrial applications

Functionality is the key. Among the characteristics that contribute to making soy lecithin the perfect ingredient for many applications we find: the emulsifying capacity (water with fats / oils) and wettability, the stabilizing - anti-crystallizing and anti-aging properties (longer shelf life of bakery products) and the release capacity (from baking surfaces and nets but also separation between slices of finished products such as cheese).
Lecithin is a natural food additive, classified with EC no. E322. The presence of this number guarantees the purity and the safety of the product in food.

Typical applications of soy lecithin:

Food - bakery and intermediate products, chocolate, frozen foods, flavours, soluble powders, creams and sauces, vegetable condiments, organic, vegetarian and vegan foods

Dietetic - rich in choline, omega 3-6 and vitamine E, it has beneficial effects on health (improves memory / concentration abilities, fights hypercholesterolemia, cleanses the arteries of fatty deposits), reason of its popularity as food supplement

Pharmaceutical - is an excellent dispersing / humectant / stabilizing agent and acts as a precursor for more complex molecules for therapeutic use (i.e. tablets, aerosols, ointments, drugs)

Feed and aquaculture – Lecithin improves fat digestion and reduces dissenteria in young aninals and it is used as calf milk replacers, in feeding piglets, in poultry feed and in aquaculture, it improves the production of feed pellets for pet food. Feed are better absorbed in presence of lecithis and the weight conversion is consequently improved.
Production and distribution of soy lecithin
Cosmetic - natural stabilizing, emulsifying and hypoallergenic product of moisturizing or sun creams, lotions, shampoos, etc.

Technical and Chemical - in paints and printing inks it allows the uniform distribution of pigments, increasing their yield and resistance to atmospheric agents. In the tanning industry it guarantees a better distribution of protective products, giving greater softness and shine to the product. In the textile sector it facilitates the processing and dyeing. It is perfect for the biological decontamination of the soil from petroleum products; as a release agent for plastic materials; to improve the effectiveness of fertilizers and pesticides in organic farming; to control dust on construction sites and to avoid tar deposits in tank trucks.

Contacting Linfa srl for the supply of soy lecithins for food and non-food applications

Linfa Srl is a dynamic Italian company that deals with the production and distribution of ingredients and additives for the food and non food applications, feed, pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, cosmetic, technical and chemical industries throughout Europe.
Born in 2002 from the initiative of managers with many years of experience in leading multinationals in the additive sector, Linfa has consolidated several collaborations with selected suppliers. With continuous attention to market news, we offer a wide and diversified range of products such as lecithins and other stabilisers, gums and functional ingredients.

We guarantee to our customers a complete service, efficiency and knowledge, from sourcing to delivery. We ensure targeted technical and commercial support with customised solutions based on the needs of each specific industrial reality.
We ensure the highest level of quality control from raw materials to finished products, in order to supply ingredients and products able to satisfy all the users and deliver the requested safety and functionality.

By working exclusively with suppliers who use sustainable and ethical practices to conduct their business, we have always been committed to avoiding any negative environmental and social impacts of our supply chain.
Linfa Srl is Kosher - Halal accredited and organic certified (please visit certification page for more details)

How to contact Linfa srl to receive information about food and non-food applications of our soy lecithins

Please contact us by email or by telephone at the number +39 02 5394779.
Our offices are open Monday to Friday 09.00-13.00 / 14.00-17.30 and they are based in Milano, Viale Brenta 6.
We are active throughout Italy and Europe.
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